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再造頹垣:無名道路 Replica of Ruins: Anonymous Road
水泥、泥土、植物 Cement, dirt, plants
尺寸可變 Size variable


Replica of Ruins: Anonymous Road is a theatrical installation imitating of a historical site, emphasising the conflicts between the past and present, conservation and development. Concrete is the major material of creating the work, which is also the second-most-used substance in the world after water, and the most used material for construction in the modern era. The work provides a preview of an anonymous site from our era. Through time, our generation evanesce, while the decayed and aged remnants survive. History and cultural heritages are alienated whereas conservation or commemoration have become obligations. Replica of Ruins: Anonymous Road is therefore created and juxtaposed  inside H Queen's, a flamboyant commercial building located in Central, Hong Kong, to emphasise the contrast between the site and the work and their conflicts.

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