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陟岵陟屺 Across the Lush and Wilted Mountains
水墨設色金箋 Ink and Colour on Golden Cardboard
24x27厘米每件(一組三件) 24x27cm each (A set of 3)


《詩經 · 魏風 · 陟岵》:「陟彼岵兮,瞻望父兮。陟彼屺兮,瞻望母兮。」



It was recorded in "The Book of Songs (Shi Jing)" that descendants walked across the lush mountain to reminisce the father, and to the wilted mountain to commemorate the mother. Yet when the time goes by, the lush mountain becomes a wilted one, and the descendant becomes a decedent himself, only the graves remain present.

This set of work would continuously depicts various kinds of forgotten graves across Hong Kong mountains. 

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