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填空補白:又七 Imagining the Lacuna: Another Seven Days
水墨紙本、石頭 Ink on Chinese paper, stone
18 x 18 cm (連框 Framed 26 x 26 cm)








It is said in the "Sutra of the Ten Kings of Hell" that the deceased would undergo judgments by the Ten Kings of Hell (Shi Wang) in the Buddhist belief.

"(The soul comes before) King Qinguang on the seventh day; King Chujiang on the second-seventh day; King Songdi on the third-seventh day; King Wuguan on the fourth-seventh day; King Yanluo on the fifth-seventh day; King Biancheng on the sixth-seventh day; King Taishan on the seventh-seventh day; King Pingdeng on the hundredth day; King Dushi on the first anniversary of death; and King Wudao Zhuanlun on the third anniversary."

The dead's family has to hold the "Seven Day's Prayer" according to the tradition, namely setting prayers to worship the Ten Kings in every seven-day intervals lasting for 49 days at first, then on the hundredth day, the first anniversary, and also the third anniversary of death. As long as all of the ten ceremonies are fulfilled, the dead soul could finally be pardoned to proceed to rebirth.

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